Warranty and Returns


Our philosophy on warranties and returns is simple.  100%.  If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased directly from Taylor Freelance, return it for a full refund. (Parts purchased from a vendor need to be returned to the vendor)

If you manage to break one of our parts, we will send you a new part at no cost. 

To return a part for any reason, please include a note in the package with your part.  Include your name, address, and the reason for return.  (It helps us figure out why someone sent us a part in the box!)


Some Details:

  • Return policy is only for product purchased directly from Taylor Freelance.  TF parts purchased from other vendors need to be returned to that specific vendor as return policies may be different.
  • Broken TF parts, no matter where purchased can be sent back to TF for exchange.
  • Lifetime warranty only applies to the useability of the part.  Scratched finishes from lots of hard use do not qualify for return.  Scratches happen!