Carver Magwells

My Carver “Tactical” magwell won’t take factory basepads?

Response from Bobby Carver...

The magwell pictured is a Tactical Magwell.  This is the same issue that we've seen before where the polymer receiver of the Customer's gun is overmolded, thus causing it to be longer than the spec factory receiver.

When a receiver is overmolded, it will not allow the magwell to seat properly against the bottom of the receiver, thus, preventing the magwell from seating properly when stock basepads are used.  When the same magwell is used on a factory receiver that was molded to spec, the magazines seat.

We make and sell an average of 700 of this model each year and get less than 2% of same problem you have shown in this email.  The issue evolving from each issue is always the polymer receiver being "overmolded" and too long for the seating of the magazine.  Our recommendation is simple:

  1. Replace the stock "Duckbill" basepad with a TF Triple Threat basepad or similar basepad, then no problem seating the magazine.
  2. Sand down the bottom of the receiver so that the magwell can seat at the right height against the receiver.  This is simply done by placing the receiver onto a piece of sandpaper on a flat table and rub it across, keeping it square, then testing by placing the magwell without the stud onto the receiver, holding it upside down and then insert a magazine until you hear it "click".

We made the Tactical model to allow Customers the use of stock magazines but since we cannot control the tolerances of molding polymer receivers, specs may change that will not allow a factory basepad to seat correctly.

We've opened up the magwell 3 times from its original design to try to avoid the minimal issues but when the receiver is longer than the factory spec from the mag catch to the bottom of the receiver, there's no mods that we can do to allow the magazine with the "Duck Bill" basepads to fit.

I hope this information is helpful.  If not, please let me know.  If I can provide any other assistance, please let me know.