Do you have replacement springs for thet VP9 20rd HK magazines?

Let's try this one to begin with and see if that's a good fit. HK changed the shape of the follower a year or two back, so if this one doesn't fit let me know and we'll get you the older (M&P-like) pattern.
TF/Wolff Spring for Sig 320 and HK VP9/P30 +5 (13 coil) - Taylorfreelance (
If you KNOW you have the older followers (from the days when the 9mm mags were 15 rounders), this is the older pattern:
WOLFF SPRING for +3 to +5 Canik, M&P, Old HK VP9/P30, HK 45 140mm extensions - Taylorfreelance (
Notes from Customers
NOTE: Other basepad brands may not fit (XTECH +5 basepads are too broad-shouldered)
NOTE:  According to customers, this part does not work with Tyrant CNC mag extensions.