Top 10 Questions

Here's a list of the top ten questions we get asked about our products and company.  

Will you ship to Washington State?

Yes. We are not attorneys, but according to the Attorney General office's assent we have, WA law only bans the sale of "large capacity magazines." (A magazine being defined as a complete assembled magazine, or a pile of parts from which one could make a magazine.) Per the AG's office assent, one may buy replacement or upgrade parts for one's existing magazines, so long as one doesn't have enough pieces "under control of the same person" to make an additional magazine. Thus, Taylor Freelance no longer sells complete magazines, and does not carry magazine tubes. Thus, we don't have -- and you cannot buy -- all the parts to assemble a complete magazine at Taylor Freelance.  
Rock Island 140mm +4 for the 9/40 (a two-parter)
  • Does your Rock Island/Para 140mm +4 fit the 10mm? = Yes. Works great.
  • Does your Rock Island/Para 140mm +4 fit the .45? Yes, but you need to trim down the "legs" of the insert -- otherwise the legs will keep the ammo from dropping all the way down into the mag extension.
 I have a Walther PDP Compact, what basepads fit my mags?
If you have 15-round mags (or 15-round mags with +X extensions on them), that is the same magazine as the Walther PPQ. (LINK)
If you have 18-round mags with the polymer "skirt" that wraps around the exposed part of the mag tube -- those mags are NOT EXTENDABLE. Removing the basepad removes the skirt -- which acts as an overpenetration stop. Without the skirt, the 18-round mag can over-penetrate through the frame, striking and potentially breaking your ejector.
I have a Walther PDP SD Pro (full size or compact) with the factory magwell, can I use your metal backstraps?
Yes, we've updated our backstraps (full-size and compact) to accommodate the SD Pro magwells.
I have a Canik (insert size here), what basepads fit?
ALL OF THEM. (Unless otherwise marked.)
To our great pleasure, Canik basepads are generally interchangeable from gun size to gun size.  The only gun-specific Canik basepads we make are for the Mete and Rival. All our other basepads fit ALL the other guns and mags -- including the 10-rounders. Whether you have an MC, SC, Elite, or Full-Size  (including the SF, SFT, SFX, One, and D lines) you can use all our classic and signature basepads, including the regular +0s. They will even work in the Mete and Rival, but see the warning below. The MC is narrower, so the standard-width basepads look a little "fat" on the skinny gun -- but they work. If you have an MC, watch for a better-looking, more-comfortable-feeling MC basepad in coming months. Lastly, adding a +4 basepad to a 10-round Canik magazine just makes the mag longer -- it does not add any extra capacity.
I have a Canik Mete/Rival, what basepads are best for it?
We make basepads specifically for the Mete and Rival that include performance-enhancing features specific to those frames. Our older basepads fit and function on the Mete and Rival, but their lower shoulder height allows the magazine to penetrate higher into the gun in certain situations, potentially blocking the slide with the top of the magazine. That's not a huge deal, but it's annoying -- especially for competition shooters. (LINKS).
Will my factory Canik magwell fit with your metal backstraps?
Yes, but be sure to use the SHORTEST of the several screws provided by Canik to attach the factory magwell to the backstrap -- otherwise the longer screw will bottom out -- and can easily break!
Will my factory Canik basepads fit into your magwells?
Yes, with the exception of the full-size Canik SF/SFX. 
On the full-size SF guns, the factory +2 basepads act like a grip extension. They will fit, but you need to trim the basepad down slightly to fit inside the magwell. (Instructions appear LINK.)
Will my factory Walther basepads work with your magwell?
Yes. We've been steadily updating our basepads to accommodate the Walther factory magwells. Please let us know if you're running a Walther magwell (particularly if you have a PDP Compact). Leave us a note in the "special instructions" at checkout and we'll do what we can to make sure you get the best-possible fit.
Do You Have a Seattle Slug or Seattle Snail for my Glock Gen. 4 or 5?
Not yet. Currently we only have the Gen. 3 variant. Watch for changes in the coming year.
What basepads fit the Glock 19?
The Glock 19 uses the same basic basepad as the full-size Glock 17, but it mounts at a different ANGLE. As a result, all our "Competition," "Speed Wedge," and "Bling" type basepads work just fine. However, if you try to use our +5, +12, or larger extensions, the assembled magazine will look "bent." We expect to have a proper Glock 19 +capacity basepad in coming months.